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About MMPE

The MMP Ergonomics Company is an accomplished problem solving organization which designs, manufactures and supplies uniquely human engineered and cost effective products, to America's largest corporations.

Our company has evolved via a direct to the customer philosophy. We recognize that success in today's marketplace demands a higher level of commitment and innovation than ever before. Suppliers are considered partners, with requisite responsibility for ongoing consultation and performance implementation based upon technical competence, cost containment and improved efficiency. MMPE gratefully assumes this responsibility and continues to expand both facilities and personnel sufficient to warrant the continued confidence of our customers.

Primary manufacturing is performed in Southern Illinois, where dedicated facilities exceed 120,000 sq. ft. With more than 25 years of metal and plastic fabrication experience, MMPE has provided many product configurations to satisfy the most demanding of customer applications.

In addition to standard engineering practices, final product designs take into account the following ergonomic principals:

  • All work activities should permit the worker to adopt several different, but equally healthy and safe postures.
  • Where muscular force has to be exerted it should be done by the largest appropriate muscle groups available.
  • Work activities should be performed with the joints at about mid-point of their range of movement. This applies particularly to the head, trunk and upper limbs. (Corlett, 1983)
The MMPE process typically begins with an on-site analysis of the job to be accomplished. We seek improvements in form, fit and function, and to identify operator physical activity inherent within the job. The intent is to:

  • reduce parts handling
  • minimize distance traveled
  • simplify product adjustments
  • minimize product footprint
  • reduce potential for injury

Typically, existing products or variations of existing products will be specified to fulfill requirements. Or, we will charge our engineering staff to develop new alternatives to accommodate specific job lay-outs and tasks.

Please consult with MMPE customer service department for specific application information, or to arrange for a consultation visit to your facilities.

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